Friday, August 19, 2011

It's been a Month?

I can't believe it has been almost a month since I last posted.
Our weather is changing, pleasant sunny days with little or no humidity, cooler nights and that ball of fire in the sky is setting earlier and earlier every night, an indication that our Summer is coming to an end.  My flower garden is looking tired and stressed, recent thunderstorms with lots of rain have given my lawn a new lease on life----I cut it earlier this week, have to get it done again as it is getting long again.
August 11th myself and three members of the quilting guild I belong to visited an exhibition of quilts from Hawaii,  very interesting to see how people in other parts of the world use colourful fabric to make their creations.  I was actually surprised to see a lot of wall hangings, whether this was a trend for Hawaiian quilters or a decision made due to ease of travel I don't know, should have asked but......  A lot of paint was used to enhance the designs, personally I was not fond of the resulting stiff finish.
I been have doing hand work on my hexies during the past month and that is the extent of my quilting, a couple of UFO's are sitting there for me to work on, once the evenings draw in a bit more I will have to get them finished. 

August 13th, my sister and I had a family BBQ for my Mum, 94 years old, August 14, we had a great time, why does food cooked on the BBQ and eaten outside always taste so good?  She still lives by herself in her own little house, very independent, even washes her bathroom floor on her hands and knees!!!!.. can't clean a floor with a mop!!!  Yes, I do do housework for her, her eyes are getting bad and she can't see a lot of what needs to be done.
Yesterday, I had my gas furnace and fireplace cleaned, new filter and checked over to make sure both were in good shape for the upcoming Winter,  $$$$$.. I think it would have been cheaper to buy a new furnace and fireplace.  Can't complain, well I can, but at least I know they are both in good working order.
Should go and pick up a few grocery items needed, another busy weekend coming up, visiting friends on Saturday for a fish fry and Sunday going to see my Mum.  Monday, dd2 is having surgery, hope it can be done, as planned, without an incision , so that she will be home the same day.  Such advances being done, can't believe she can go in hospital in the morning, have body parts removed and be back home before dinner time.  Due to the nature of her work, she will be off for about a month.
Hope everyone has a great weekend.


saving for travel said...

Hope your DD2's op goes well.

Sounds like you've had alot of fun recently with friends, family and quilting.

Just remembered we need to get the Chimney Sweep to check our Multi-Fuel burner ready for the cold weather.

Take care

Sft x

Pokey said...

Good to hear from you! Happy birthday to your Momma, too. eat a fish for me

Jan said...

Well, you might not have posted for a month but you haven't been idle have you? What a wonderful Mum you have to be so independent at 94. I do hope she enjoyed her birthday. Good luck to your dd2 and fingers crossed that it all works out well for her. Enjoy your weekend, too.

Gill - That British Woman said...

we had our furnace serviced on the 10th, it must be that time of year for winter maintenance. Are you starting to see the colours changing in the trees yet? Fall is on its way......