Thursday, September 15, 2011

The "TO DO" list still waits....

Last night we had rain so it is much too wet to work outside today, and it is also quite chilly, Autumn is certainly around the corner. 
So today I am inside and there is a long list of chores that need to be tackled which includes, shortening a pair of pants for my sister. (I don't think she knows which end to thread a needle)  LOL.  Earlier this week I picked up a quilt that had been quilted by Mr. H, this is one of the comfort quilts our guild donates to the local hospital chemo patients, my partner (members are paired up) sewed the blocks together now it is my job to sew on the binding,--- its sitting there waiting.  Ironing --- still in the basket, a big container of apples from my Mother's tree that need to be made into sauce for the freezer --- in the garage, and of course all of the regular tasks that have to be done each day.   I did none of these jobs, what did I do?
On Saturday, there is going to be a yard/garage sale on the street where one of my grand daughters live, I  know that I have some items that I no longer want or need and could sell (note to Mrs sft - possibly bumping up my travel account).  I went to my furnace/storage room, it did need a good clean, so I started.  I did have some items for the sale, however, where do all the other treasures, (bits and pieces of junk) come from.  A length of wire (6 inches)????, a mirror from a vehicle we owned three years ago, a toilet paper holder and drawer knobs from when we redid our bathroom, a huge picture of a cat???? in a chrome frame, no less, a broken florescent light bulb! what a mess.  I am either getting very forgetful or I have ghosts or goblins that come in the dead of night to store these things, have to blame it on someone---don't I?  The spiders must have been working overtime to make all of the webs I found.
I am finished and there is a place for everything and everything is in it's place.  For now.
My reward, I going to the theatre with a friend tonight and having one of our inexpensive  cheap  meals, thanks to the fast food coupons.  I know these meals are not the best nutritional choice, but occasionally shouldn't hurt.
Gotta go and get cleaned up myself.
Hope everyone is have a great day.


Hazel said...

We all enjoy a treat ,tonight its Swiss Chalet for us ,no coupons :-(
It certainly is chilly here but I kind of enjoy the fresh air as long as there's no snow in the air I'm a happy camper .
I have a problem with garage sales I usually come home with more then I took to get rid of , drop it of and run quickly LOL ,Enjoy the show nothing like a night out with good friends and good food .

saving for travel said...

Whenever I read your posts, I always feel so inspired...


So glad you're boosting up your travel savings.


Sft x

Gill - That British Woman said...

I too have a list a mile long, just wish I could get at least part of it done.....


cottonreel said...

This last few days I have been sorting , problem is , everything is sure to be useful sometime . If you throw away you will need that item in the next couple of weeks
Enjoy your outings , and keep the holiday fund focused