Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Last night I went to the Grand Theatre in London, On. with friendsand saw "Wingfield Lost and Found.
It is the seventh in a series of a one man shows, the actor Rod Beattie, plays all of the characters by changing his voice, facial expressions and mannerisms.
Walt Wingfield, is a stockbroker, who trades his pin strip suite for overalls and buys a hundred acre farm. This particular play is all about the trials and tribulations on the farm, when a drought causes the well to run dry. Many obstacles get in the way while they search for an appropriate spot to drill a new well. A great comedy, we thoroughly enjoyed it.
I don't know how he can learn all of those lines, and remember when to change his voice and face to portray all of the characters.
No quilting done yesterday, however, plan on working on the English Cottage quilt this evening.
A fresh fall of snow of 4-5 inches had to be removed from the drive this morning, it is no longer snowing and the sun is starting to peak through occasionally.
Hope you are having a great Wednesday.


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Riet said...

That sounds like you had a good time. This blog works fine.