Sunday, February 28, 2010

Not much sewing

Not much sewing being done this weekend, life is getting in the way.

My elderly Mother was hospitalize with pneumonia on Friday, she is responding to medication and is feeling a lot better. If she continues to improve she will likely be home before we know it. I affectionately say, she is a tough old bird and very stubborn so this won't get her down.
My OH is still getting over an attack of what the Dr believes is "arthur" in his left hand, and Saturday a.m. his right hand was swollen and stiff, so he now has both hands which he can't use. We had to have both of his rings cut off his fingers because of the swelling. He can't do anything for himself, so I can now add to my resume---Nurse and caregiver. He goes to the Dr. again on Wednesday, so hope that the tests he has had will determine what he is suffering from. The wedding vows of " in sickness and health" are really being put to the test.


Hazel said...

You've really got your hands full , prayers go out for your mom and OH . Please remember to take time for yourself ,as caregivers we try to do everything possible for the patient and forget we need to look after ourselves .

silversewer said...

Oh dear so sorry to hear about your Mother and that OH's other hand has now swollen, I know where you are coming from having been dealing with 'in sickness and in health' for the last 18 months.

Keep your pecker up.