Monday, March 1, 2010


In our morning newspaper today there was an article about hoarding. Have you watched the TV programme "Hoarders", if not, it is a weekly programme which shows a different individual each week, and the stuff he/she hoards. These people collect everything from apples to zebra's (the toy stuffed kind) and lots of it. The show then provides help to get rid of the accumulated stuff. The solutions include changing their feelings, attitudes and relationships with their possessions, and underlying emotional issues are also dealt with by professional counsellors.
These things provide comfort -- no matter the discomfort and chaos the collecting causes. Hoarders waste away in all of the possessions and accumulations, yet they don't see it. Its their normal. The overwhelming clutter makes for chaotic living conditions which impairs daily activity, physical and mental health, relationships and living conditions. It creates fire hazards and health concerns not only for themselves but for neighbours and family.
We all buy too much, are attached to things and keep things we don't need, we are a culture of stuff. However, there is a difference between the chronically disorganized and hoarders. Disorganized people feel stress relief when organized; hoarders actually feel more stressed when organizing.
In this article it noted 10 of the most commonly hoarded items. The 1st. on the list was - Paper, especially newspapers. number 4--clothing, number 8--tools, nuts, bolts, screws and building materials.

Ladies and gentlemen: number 9 on the list------Wool, fabric and craft supplies.
Now, according to the information in this article I think quilters, sewers, knitters and crafters will all be OK and not be classed as a hoarder---
-fabric provides comfort, so we can't be overwhelmed with the need to acquire more-we have to keep the collecting under control --- Oh my goodness, I am in trouble already.
-we can't waste away in the accumulation -- we have to keep it organized--buying more shelves should do the trick---Oh my goodness, that's the second strike against me.
-hoarders have a distorted emotional attachments to items ---I love my Janome--Oh my goodness, three strikes.
-many hoarders are extremely successful and seniors in their areas of expertise---Oh my goodness, I am successful and I am an expert in many things.
I am a "Hoarder"!!!!
I don't mean to make light of this disturbing issue but just had to smile when I read this article while having my morning coffee.



Becky said...

Guilty as charged!!!! ....But I'm not gonna worry about it. But I have cleaned out a hoarder's house after their death and believe was NOT pretty. It was everything you see on TV. Some interesting statistics that dumbfounded me..
-- I counted 121 plastic butter bowls

-- 15 empty face powder compacts

-- Every...and I mean EVERY....card ever received.
Boxes and boxes.

-- Unused wedding gifts--her wedding was 60 years prior to her death.

I could go on and on.

But, fabric is different! :) I'll just make 3 quilts a day for the rest of my life and I may get it all used up!!

Hazel said...

I'm not a hoarder unless you count food and fabric ( I'm trying to use up the fabric ).I just couldn't sit in a cluttered house like I've seen on TV ,some are really nasty .

Gill - That British Woman said...

okay I hold my hand up, I must be a hoarder as well!! Oh dear me.........and I want to pop into the fabric store today and pick up more material.....LOL