Thursday, March 18, 2010

A movie star????

My son has been unemployed for approximately six months, however, recently he called to say he has a new job.
Sounding very excited he advised his Dad and I that he was finally in "show business", namely in the movies.
Now we were wondering what talent he would have to be in the movies, as we have never seen any indication of any. He was not particularly show biz material, other than getting dressed up as some of his favorite movies stars on Halloween, such as the Blues Brothers and Sir Elton John.
Finally he tells us that he is working for Blockbuster, we think, Oh no! he is one of the counter staff that says "Hi, how are you, welcome to Blockbuster" when you go into the store. As it turns out he is a Systems Analyst, for Blockbuster Canada.
I guess we know what we will be getting for Christmas this year, Blockbuster gift cards.
Not much quilting stuff going on yet.

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