Sunday, March 21, 2010

Health Care Workers

If you have been reading my earlier entries you know that my OH was in hospital. He is now at home, and is having to use a walker once in awhile, and cannot change his position from laying, sitting and standing by himself. He is 6ft and me just 5 ft. so you can imagine what I have to do to get him moved. I know the correct way to move him, however, the muscles I didn't even know I had are shouting at me.

To all of the health care workers out there, I have a new found respect for the work that you do. Especially if your job description has these words in it, " assist patients moving from one position to another". Thank you.

I am getting quite a bit accomplished on a wall hanging that I am currently doing, so that is a good thing.

My Great grandson, Mum and Dad visited us last night, our first meeting with the little fellow, he is such a sweetie, will have to post a photo later.

We are back to seasonable temperatures today, with possible mixed precipitation showers.
Have a great Sunday,


Hazel said...

ok I have to ask what is OH I assume your are talking about your hubby but to me thats DH educate me please I don't want to say the wrong thing .Regardless you be very careful we can't have you pulling a muscle or hurting yourself .
What a joy a great grandchild must bring ,my oldest grandchild is 21 but he says no children in his future for many years LOL .
I agree our winter has been great ,we can't complain about the rain at least we don't have to shovel it .

silversewer said...

Hazel OH is other half, if you read my blog you will see that I use the same terminology when I refer to my husband.......

Pat I developed muscles in the most unusual places when I was nursing, do watch your back, it was a moment of distraction that finished my nursing career, I was lifting a patient with another nurse, I said one, two three, lift, I did she didn't and put out my back, it has been dicey ever since.

Shirleymac said...

Interesting. I didn't know what OH meant either I just assumed it meant husband.. or other husband? *LOL* Hope he's able to get himself moving around soon. I can't imagine having to help someone that much larger than me to change positions. Do post a photo of the baby. I love babies.