Thursday, March 4, 2010

Good News today

My Mother is now out of the hospital and staying with my sister until she gets back on her feet. The medications were very effective, however, it taking awhile for her to become her old self, as she gets older it takes longer for her to bounce back. At 92 years we can't expect too much. Unfortunately she will not always be able to live by herself as she has been doing. Dreading the day when that happens. Taking one day at a time, at least she is still with us, so what more can we ask for.
OH's Dr. ordered prednesone which is relieving him of the pain and the swelling is going down on his right hand. So that's an improvement, but it is making his sugar readings high and could cause his blood thinners to react differently, so more blood tests. We saw an arthritis specialist today, her report, he has a severe case of Tophaceous Gout, which has been in part caused by his kidney disease, and his other health issues. His health problems complicate the action to be taken to help the Gout. We will get it all sorted out one way or the other.
I was able to get into the sewing room last night, only three more blocks and then the top of the English cottage in finished.
Hope everyone is having a nice day.


Quiltluver said...

That's good news about your mother. 92 and still living on her own is pretty darn good. Hope your hubby feels better soon.

Gill - That British Woman said...

I agree 92 and living on your own is really good.

My dh is always getting gout as well, I should push for him to see a specialist....


Riet said...

That is good news about your mother, 92 that is a beautiful age.