Thursday, March 25, 2010

Guild meeting....

.......tonight is my monthly quilt guild meeting, I feel that I need to get out for awhile so my plan is to attend. I have nothing quilty for show and tell, as I am still working on projects for the competition I am entering, but will take a photo of my new great grandson to show instead.

We have come up with a plan so that OH will be able to give himself his insulin, get his snack, make a bathroom visit, and the phone is close by if he needs me to come home.

We were at the Dr's this p.m. however, know no more now than before we went in, Dr only confirmed what he told OH in the hospital . We made another appointment to visit our family Dr. next week, so will have to wait a little longer for any information.

Worked some more on some hand sewing last night, and I must say I think it is coming along nicely.

We have a damp cool day, and we can expect the weather to get colder as the day progresses, expected low tonight and tomorrow night is -7 C.

Hope everyone is have a great Thursday,


Elizabeth said...

Have a lovely time at your guild meeting -- and take one of your projects in progress! I'm sure they'd love to see. I worked on hand sewing last night too -- I love it. It is very soothing! Cold weather setting in here too. Time to bundle up again! Spring is so funny! Have a nice day!

Hazel said...

Enjoy your evening out ,you deserve it .Can't wait to see your great grandson .Have fun .