Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Today was such a beautiful day, temps in the high 20's C, lovely blue skies and not a cloud in sight. Just the perfect day to expose two of my white body parts. Now these white parts have not seen the sun in a long time, and they are not one of my best assets, (they wiggle a bit at the top), but then when you are in your late sixties none of the body parts are your "best"assets. Although, my dentist says I have beautiful teeth!!!
Here in Canada we don't get a chance to expose any body parts until after the May 24th holiday weekend, usually it is too cold or wet. But, because today was such a glorious day I decided to do "it". My neighbours were all at work, so no one to stare at me. Removing their covering I applied a liberal coating of sun screen, don't want them to get sun burnt. Peeking out the door, the coast was clear, no one in sight. I don't know what I am worried about, it's not illegal. Making my way onto the lawn and to the flower beds, I decided to pull a few weeds. Bending over to get one that was very stubborn, it suddenly let go, dang it,! dirt is sticking to my my white parts because the sun screen has not yet been absorbed. I brush most of the dirt off the rest will come off in the shower.
Oh my gosh, next thing I see is my neighbour, she is also exposing her white body parts too, we chat for a few minutes then she is on her way. Well, I think I must not look too bad if she made no comment, but I am glad that I shaved my white body parts yesterday. I was also glad that my shorts did not shrink over the Winter, and they covered my wiggly bits at the top of my legs.

Shame on you, what were you thinking.

Have a great day,


Rhoda said...

I know the feeling about body parts that have lost their youthful appeal! Thankfully, that isn't what my family and friends love me for.

Hazel said...

I had the same body parts showing today ,it felt so good to have them free of clothing .To heck with the neighbors , I had such a good time in the sun today .

quiltfool said...

Okay, I confess, I fell for it. And, I was thinking, Wow, isn't Patricia adventurous. A whole new side of her. Lane

Barb said...

Patricia, what a wicked post! I loved it!

Elizabeth said...

Ha, ha! Too funny :D!