Sunday, August 15, 2010


I picked myself a posy of asters from the garden this afternoon, the colours are beautiful, what do you think?
OH is improving, he has been very confused, two of the things that did not make sense at lunch time - "did I know that Elvis has just died" and the black cat got up on his bed again". He will be having infected fluid removed from his leg tomorrow, after several days of postponing it due to him not being up to it.
The pneumonia is improving, but now he has "C-dif" which is short form, for a very contagious case of the back door trots, it is a result of all the antibiotics in his system killing all of the good biotic and the bad ones have taken over. Visitors have to wear a gown and gloves to enter his room. Hope this round of antibiotics don't put him over the edge again.
I took three hours and visited my Mum yesterday, her 93rd birthday.
Gotta go.


Livin' Blue Quilter said...

Patricia, my prayers are with you and your family. Take time to take care of your self. Robin

Hazel said...

Sorry to hear of DH health problems my prayers are with him .Take care of yourself ,rest when you can .

Rhoda said...

You are in my prayers as well. I hope Oh heals quickly and gets rid of the trots so he can get stronger. Your asters are beautiful! I love the colors they come in.

Barb H said...

Your flowers are beautiful--you deserve to have a little beauty in your life these days. Tending to an ill spouse is hard work. I hope he comes through soon and all goes back to normal again. Hang in there--it'll be better soon.

Pokey said...

Keeping you in prayers. Your flowers are a bright spot in a tough week! Happy birthday to your Mom!!