Thursday, February 17, 2011

Eighty three......

After finishing more Indian Orange Peel arcs this afternoon I am now up to 83. I need to make 120 so only 37 left to complete, getting there slow but sure.
I want to get most of them finished, hopefully this weekend, so that I can start on another quilting project and also start painting my guest bedroom.
We are currently having a few days of mild temperatures, which is melting some of the snow. It's about time!! Along the side of my garage I have a small strip of garden, where the snow has melted I can see some soil and tulips poking theirs leaves up. Spring is here? Now I am not getting too excited because the forecast for the start of next week...... you guessed it more snow. Ukkkkkk.


Hazel said...

We still have lots of snow here ,no tulips peaking up for awhile LOL .

Gill - That British Woman said...

you lucky duck seeing signs of spring. Mind you with this melt I can now see where my gardens are supposed to be as part of the snow has melted from them.

Won't count my chickens yet as to when we shall see Spring.

Can't wait to see your quilt,


solomi558 said...

No snow in my part of England at present but forcastfor some places , I,m longing ror Spring , I,m wilting more every day , I need sunshine--cottonreel