Saturday, February 26, 2011

Indian Orange Peel Scraps-----Garbage? No, they are treasures

If you have been reading my previous posts you are aware that I belong to a small guild, several members of which, including myself are on the home stretch of making 120 arcs for our Indian Orange Peel quilt. In the process of making these arcs there is a lot of fabric scrapes that end up in the waste basket. Looking at all of it in my basket a couple of weeks ago I couldn't believe how it had piled up, so I retrieved all of it.

You are going to think that I have gone completely off my rocker, and that I have way, way, way too much time on my hands, and you might be right on both accounts. However, I cut pieces of the scrape fabric into small triangles, squares, etc. with my pinking shears (note to myself to purchase a rotary cutter blade to make this task a lot easier). Using "Wonder Under"and a top layer of tulle to hold all of the pieces in place, in three afternoon's I made a 15" x 20" picture, 95% of which is from my IOP scrapes. At the present time I am in the process of quilting it, and instead of make a wall hanging, I think I might just frame it. What do you think?

A working title right now is "IOP Garbage Garden", can you come up with another name?

Jacqui, another IOP quilter is using Kaffe Fassett fabric, I am now in possession of some her scrapes, will have to put my thinking cap on to come up with something to do with them. It will have to be a subject that is very colourful, don't you think, maybe a Phoenix, fairies, parrots or toadstools.


silversewer said...

That is just fabulous, you have more patience than me, perhaps I should send you the contents if my waste basket too???? LOL..

Coloradolady said...

Do you have a close up that shows the detail? I'd love to see it, this is so pretty.....

"Treasure Wonder" came to mind. Very pretty.

pattypan.2 said...

Hi Patricia

You really are incredibly talented you make fabric speak in pictures. And here I am stumbling just to get to grips with basic patchwork - am not too good with measurements and the rotary cutter. I really do love your work it is stunning. I am afraid I don't know what wonder under is but assume that it is like a double sided iron on Vilene that helps you stick one fabric to another. Sorry for my ignorance. The tulle I know as a see through fabric in its own right I believe you have used that to keep the pieces down and secured a see through layer. I wish I could do work like this. It really is beautiful.

Hope you are keeping well - its been a bitter cold but bright day here in Peterborough UK. There are signs that Spring is slipping in, there were Daffodils to buy at my local shop today. Such cheery flowers.

Look forward to seeing the Kaffe Fasset picture, how about beautiful butterflies, as I understand that his fabric is extremely colourful. Enjoy your creating and take care.



Jan said...

Gosh, how talented you are. The picture is lovely and I would never, ever, have the patience to do something so artistic. 'The Secret Garden' sprung to mind when I saw it.

Rhoda said...

Gasp!! Patricia, that is just awesome! I am so impressed.

Jacqui's Quilts said...

Don't forget about that other half bag of KF scraps I have saved for you! I will save the next batch from the borders too and maybe you can make a whole jungle..butterflies, parrots, a host of other colourful birds! You Secret Garden is awesome! It's even lovelier in person. And to think it's made out of garbage!!

I am very impressed also!