Saturday, April 23, 2011

Beautiful day.. in S. W. Ontario. We had a thunder storm and rain during the night and by the looks of the rain gauge it must have come down quite hard because there is a lot in it. I would love to get in the garden and do some more cleaning up, but it is too wet. My back garden slopes down a bit at the back and a lot of water lays there after a good rain. The lawn is going to be a hay field by the time I get around to mowing it. I did uncover all of my outdoor funiture on the back deck, it all needs a good clean after being under all that snow during the Winter. How come white snow can be so dirty?

The sun has brought forth some more blooms in the garden and the seeds in my green house have germinated and now starting to grow. The geraniums which have been in the house all Winter are now out in the green house as well, they will do so much better out there until it is time to plant them later in May.

Last Wednesday, I was shopping with dd1 and granddaughters 1 and 2. Gd2 is getting married in Cuba at the end of May. We picked up her dress, and I found a nice cool dress to wear, as it will be hot, hot there, it will go nicely with the shoes purchased for gd1 wedding last year.

I made a quilt for Gd1 and her hubby for their wedding using their theme colours, I am going to make Gd2 and her hubby one also but have to wait to see what colour flowers etc. the resort has to offer before I pick the colours. I am thinking about using the same pattern used for gd1 quilt.

Having Easter dinner with dd2 and son and their families tonight and tomorrow dinner with dd2 and her family.

Happy Easter to everyone.

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Hazel said...

Yes wasn't it a beautiful day ,we spent most of it out doors .