Thursday, April 28, 2011


Thursday's are garbage pick up days in my neighbourhood, this week was recycle day for glass, tin cans, and newspapers. This morning it is very very very windy, and I think you know what I am going to say next. Yep, you are right.

I don't have a lot of bottles and cans to put out for pick up so the "grey" container was not very heavy and blew over. The newspapers in the "blue" box were all wet from the rain, too heavy to get blown all over the place. At 7:30 a.m. I was out (in my housecoat, well coiffured, my bedhead hair had the new stylish windblown look) picking up all of the contents, which were strewn all over my neighbours' lawns. There was no sense putting it at the curb again, so they will all have to wait until the next pick up in two weeks.

On the quilting note, I have just finished another art wall hanging, I want to show it at our guild meeting tonight, you will get to see it tomorrow. My four 6 inch asterisk blocks are finish for the meeting. All 16 members of our guild were required to make four of the blocks, which will be put together with a plain 6 inch block, hoping to make two comfort quilts for chemo patients being treated at our local hospital.



Hazel said...

Oh wow I hear you on the wind ,it's so bad here things are blowing all over the place and our lights are flickering .Don't you find that soon as you look to see the way is clear and dash out for that little job hoping no one will see you,some one always appears when we're not looking our best LOL .

solomi558 said...

I have a very vivid imagination . A pretty sight early in the morning . I very often nip out to drag my bins in thinking no one will see me .

Glad you enjoyed the bluebell pics .If I can make one person happy each day ,O .K--cottonreel

Gill - That British Woman said...

a lot of people were complaining about the garbage being blown everywhere. Dh had to go and look for our blue box, as it had blown accross the road.........