Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lamb or Lion

How did March come in in your part of the world?
In my area, I would say either a gentle lion or an aggressive lamb, if there are such things.  It is a cloudy day, and at the present time we have a mix of wet snow and rain falling.  The temp is hovering around the zero mark, so no telling what we will finally end up with today.
Yesterday, was another kettle of fish.  In the morning it snowed, then we had ice pellets which then turned to rain.  During the evening it became foggy and around 9:30 p.m. we had a thunderstorm and more rain.
A good day to stay  in and sew, I did some more piecing on my GGD quilt and also did some quilting on a quilty friends wall hanging.  It should be finished this weekend, I like the way it is looking, I hope she does.

In a few minutes I am expecting a quilty friend to come and we are going to work on a chemo quilt for adult chemo patients at our local hospital.  J and I are going to be working with pink, green and white blocks which members of our guild made for our February meeting.  Each month we have an assigned colour combination, and each  member makes a 12 inch block  of any pattern they choose with those colours.  We are then paired up and those two people make the top.  It is then sent to another of our members and she and her husband quilt it

Gotta go.



saving for travel said...

Our weather was so beautiful last week, even warm.

But today...rain and a bit of sleet too.

Your quilting sounds wonderful.

Any chance of some photos?

Sft x

Gill - That British Woman said...

I agree I wasn't sure if it was a lion or a lamb. I am of the thought though we won't be getting any decent gardening weather until April regardless, so why hope for anything any earlier?


Pokey said...

We, too have had a wild mix of weather. My kids and I stood under the door coverings that run outside our buildings (like outdoor hallways?) and watched the hard rain turn into hail. One hour later we walked to the cars to go home in the sun.
We had a field trip to the ocean tidepools on Tuesday of this week, and the weather turned 25 degrees cooler than the day before. Amazing.
I bet your charity quilt is sweet with those colors!