Sunday, March 11, 2012


What a glorious day, I truly believe Spring is going to be on time this year. 
The sky is blue and we have had a lovely sunny day, with temps in the low teens C. 
Robins are back from their vacation in the sunny south and are now in my back garden. 
A chipmunk is out of hibernation and eating seeds that have been dropped from my bird feeder. 
There are crocus in bloom in my garden.
Everyone I have seen today seems to have a "spring"   in their step.
Our clocks went ahead an hour last night, so it won't been getting dark until 7:30 p.m. tonight.
I am typing this with fingers and toes crossed because I don't want to jinx everything I have just written, as I have seen our weather changed at the drop of a hat.
My Winter coat remained in the closet when going out for brunch with my eldest daughter and son in law.
Also joining us was my second eldest grand daughter, her husband and my great grandson, who are all having a birthday this week.   I finished a knitted shawl, hat and booties for their yet unborn daughter a couple of days ago and gave it to them today.  I am still working on the baby's quilt, however, after looking at all of the colours I am using this child will be so stimulated she will never sleep. LOL.  Pictures to follow when it is completed.
I am also sewing the binding on the quilt that I am donating to the nursing home where my youngest daughter works. Again, pictures when it is completed.
Hope everyone had a nice day, just as I did.


Gill - That British Woman said...

we were spoiled today, I just hope this good weather continues,


Hazel said...

Wasn't this just a beautiful day it got up to 15 degrees here ,I sat out back just soaking up the sun .I have all kinds of flowers peaking up out of the soil ,I'm crossing my fingers and toes it remains this way .

cottonreel said...

Here in England we keep having one glorious summer like day and the next day cold and wet .

I'm lttle in front of you . I have six grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren .

Pokey said...

I'm glad for your beautiful day, and full with family at that, how wonderful! Cannot wait to see those new creations of yours for the baby to be ~