Saturday, April 28, 2012

Do you Price Match? Watch out.......Check your receipts..

Just like a lot of folks these days I try to save money where and whenever I can when buying my weekly groceries.   After looking at the store flyers on Thursdays I use them to price match at my favourite grocery store, (maybe not my favourite anymore).
Yesterday after coming home from a quilt show (that's another post), I gathered my flyers and shopping list and off I go.  On three items I saved quite a lot of money, or so I thought.  After several errands, dinner and dishes done I looked at the receipt from the grocery store.  What!! I paid a total of $8.46 for a small box of Special K cereal.  The regular price was $5.49, however, using the price match from another store I purchased it for $2.97, or so I thought.

Not being in a very good frame of mind, I called the store to let them know what I had been charged for the cereal.   Apparently, the cashier is suppose to do only a "search" function on her till to find the price they sell it for, not scan it as she had done with my cereal, which automatically charges me on
my tape.  They have to record every Price Match item,  their price and P.M. price.   She then, has to manually enters the price match price.

Feeling a lot better about the whole episode because I got my $5.49 back today.

Do you price match?  if so, check your receipt, ideally prior to leaving the store.  That's what I intend to do in the future.



Gill - That British Woman said...

I price match, but not as much as I should do, as half the time I never get half the flyers.


silversewer said...

I always check my reciepts before I leave the store.....Aldi are ok but Tesco is a nightmare especially on reduced item things like the half leg of lamb I bought the other day, they tried to charge me £11 for something that was ticketed at £5.35. Luckily I was watching as it scanned at raised the matter straight away snd it was altered.

cottonreel said...

Gosh!, even at a discount that is a lot of money to pay for your special K . It's about £2.60 here .

I do check my reciepts and very often find errors

cottonreel said...

Forgot to say , The new hairstyle really suits ,

Bluebell said...

I check my items as they go through the till and make sure the things that are on offer come up at the correct price, the cashiers sometimes looked a bit pained when I ask them to check but I don't care. Glad you got your money back.

saving for travel said...

I do check my receipts just in case!

Congrats on the extra money.

Sft x