Sunday, April 22, 2012

Where has Spring gone. and what was I thinking.

My garden is looking a lot better now after a few showers a couple of nights ago.  Most of the flowers in bloom at the present time are either blue or purple, with a few pink and yellow tulips and some daffodils here and there.  It was too cold to work out there today, seems like we are back to Winter again, cold wind and cloudy skies, where has Spring gone, so I visited the greenhouses at a local garden centre.  Got my colour fix, such beautiful plants in all the colours of the rainbow,  purchased some seeds and also completed an entry form for a  door prize, I am not usually lucky, but you never know.

On my design wall I have some "one block wonder" blocks,  I am using some fabric from my stash,  it is not a very attractive design, don't even remember when I bought it or why, however, must have been a fantastic sale for me to purchase it.  What was I thinking though, seven yards of this ugly fabric.  "One block wonder" blocks make ugly fabric look fantastic.  I am liking the blocks because this awful fabric is now not looking too bad.  Will take a photo of both fabric and blocks when camera battery is charged.

Stayed in the warm, yes I had to turn the furnace back on again, and did some quilting for a quilty friend this afternoon.  Wouldn't  you know it, skies cleared just in time for the evening sunset. 

Still waiting to enter all of the birth information and name of my new great grand baby on a label for her quilt.  My grand daughter and hubby are now a couple days past their due date, so it shouldn't be too long now.

Have a great week.



Pokey said...

I hope the baby comes in safe and sound! Your flowers look so pretty ~

quiltfool said...

I wish we could share. the first of my spring bloom has faded and now the greens are taking over, just waiting for it to warm up a bit more and then I'll have another explosion. There are unopened blooms everywhere. Be well! Lane

Gill - That British Woman said...

love your comment on my blog, you are right I can't cut any grass when it's covered in snow!!!

Love the quilt really pretty,


Mary said...

Love the yellow tulips. Cooled off a bit here (well a lot compared to the 80's of last week) and we've ha to put the heat on now and then. Have worked in the garden though, with the right clothes on it has been quite enjoyable.

Happy Spring.
Hugs -Mary