Sunday, August 26, 2012


Today I was reunited with an old friend.  Several years ago we parted on friendly terms, however, I regretted that she was not longer in my life.   She lived quite close to me, however, in all those years we never met.  I was quite shocked when I saw her, because I don't think she has done a good days work since I last saw her.  That's not a nice thing to say about a friend but none the less true.  Years ago she was not afraid of work, however, the years of inactivity have definately reduced her attractiveness, you could also say she was a recluse. Now we have renewed our friendship, I am sure with some love and care beween the two of us we can pull her back into the world of the living again.
My friend's name is Genie, not the one that lives in the lantern and grants wishes, but that would be nice wouldn't it, because she needs some magic in her life, and hopefully I can find that for her.  I was going to take a photo, however, decided not to as it would be a very unflattering one and did not want to embarrass her by posting it on the internet.
By the way her surname is Singer.    ..............................................................

Did you guess or did you think I was being very unkind to a friend.

Genie is my Portable Singer sewing machine.

Now here is the true story---several years ago I purchased a new fancy dancy sewing machine and thought why do I need two machines when the new one does everything I could ever want to do.   I sold my Genie to my sister, it was a mistake, I loved that machine.  Now, my sister.....sorry "B", is not a sewer, never was and never will have the inclination to be one, I was the one which inherited all of the sewing "jeans".  lol.  Today, "B" wanted a pair on pants shortened, and asked me to do it for her.  In payment for this task, plus any future sewing she needs (how much sewing will two seniors require anyway), I could take back this stupid machine that continually comes unthreaded, breaks the thread and generally just does not work.   "B" you have to plug it in.
So Genie is now home with me.  She is going to require a lot of cleaning inside and out, the tensions adjusted and just maybe...shhh... don't tell Jacqui but maybe a little help of her OH.

Hope everyone has a great week.



saving for travel said...

Well, I just thought you were being honest, but when you named her I thought 'heck' what if she reads your post!


Have a great reunion! Want to see what you 2 come up with.

Sft x

Pokey said...

I know with your help, she's gonna pull through! You did have me worried for a minute...!
hugs, pokey

Mary said...

What would we be without our vintage Singers? Mine's from the 70's and still going strong - but sadly I don't have time to play with her much these days!

Cute post -
Hugs, Mary

P.S. I'll be away so just want to wish you a wonderful cruise to Alaska.

Jacqui's Quilts said...

LOL Pat!!! That is too funny. I was really wondering throughout the first part of the post hoping that said friend wouldn't read your post LOL. We just fixed up a little Genie here that's been sitting here for awhile. She sews nicely too! They are a cute little machine.