Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ugly Fabric

At our guild's June meeting the hostess asked we bring a fat quarter of the ugliest fabric in our stash.  She did receive some really awful pieces.  Little did we know that each of us was going to take home someone elses' "ugly".  All of the fabric was put into a bag and in turn, we all put our hands gingerly into the bag and drew out fabric, what came home with me was a piece with a yellow background and small pink and orange flowers with green leaves and stems all over it.  Sorry, no photo, I broke my camera, grrrr!!!!  Going to get another one, but  I don't know what kind is the best, anyway, that is another post.

For our next meeting in September, we are to make something using this piece of fabric, I have just finished my project.  No, I am not going to show it to you, remember--- broken camera----, plus I want it to be a surprise for the person who is going to receive it.  Because what I am going to do is put all of the  names of our members, minus mine of course, into a hat and the person who's name is drawn will receive my ugly duckling transformed into what I hope she will think of as a swan.

Teaming down with rain this morning, I guess it is a housework morning and then into the sewing room this afternoon.

Have a great day everyone.



Pokey said...

Good morning, Pat! boy, I wish I could see your project. I visited a guild last summer, we were to bring a yard or 2 of "ugly" print. We then would pass our pieces around the circle, and when it stopped you were to tear the piece in half, keep half, and pass the other part.

You know what is funny, the lady I stood next to was exclaiming her opinions to me on what was ugly, and I realized we were polar opposites in our judgement, which I found amusing. In the end, she traded me her last piece (a pink Kaffe Fassett, for pete's sake!) and I gave her a piece that was a muddled brown and army green. Just goes to show, one person's trash, is another person's treasure ~

cottonreel said...

The pink flowers on the header are lovely
You can always dye ugly fabric with other ugly stuff .It's quite funny really , different pieces will react different to the shade and look more useable . Fine for a scrap quilt. I mean one shade of dye .
Re,. my blog . You are very lucky to have decent quilting and patchwork books in your library .I have never seen anythig worth looking at in ours . Perhaps you mean your sewing guild library.

Jacqui's Quilts said...

Can't wait to see what you've come up with!! I actually got mine done already..can you believe it? I traded with Chris B because she missed the meeting and made some placemats for Meals on Wheels for our London Friendship Guild. Looking forward to the meeting in sept!

Gill - That British Woman said...

that is a really neat idea.