Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Mum's Birthday.....

Today is my Mother's 96th birthday, on Sunday the family had a get together to celebrate.

This photo of her was taken on Sunday.

I am sure if you asked her the secret for long life, she would say she didn't know.  However,  I suspect not being afraid of hard work would be one of the reasons.  Her Mother died during the birth of her younger brother, so in her very early years she helped in the home for her Father and two brothers.   At the age of 14 years she was "in service" as a downstairs maid.  Later, married a farmer and everyone knows that is a labour intensive occupation, especially in England during the 1940's and '50's.  During WW11 both her and my Dad were foster parents to two boys evacuated from London.  She was also Red Cross nurse.   Starting out from scratch again in '54 when my family immigrated to Canada.   Even now, she lives in her own little house in the country, doing the daily chores on her own, grant you they are not done to the standards she used to do, but they are done just the same.  Every day she cooks her main meal, which always includes a meat, potato and possibly two veg and most days a dessert of  some kind.

Being  neat and tidy and personal cleanliness are all important to her. 

She still smokes!!! and likes a little "nip" once in awhile.  Her mind  is as sharp as a tack, and remembers everyone's birthday date.  Always ready for a good laugh.

She has had a heart attack and is a cancer survivor.  Other than having an elevated blood pressure, relying on diet to keep her diabetes under control and "Arthur" creeping into her left knee, she is healthy.  

Mother of two, Grand Mother of seven, Great Grand Mother of 13, Great Great Grand Mother of five, and friends to many.

Happy Birthday MUM.



Sarah Jane said...

What a lovely post Patricia. Your Mum certainly looks good at 96 and I wish her very many happy returns.

Mary said...

Hi dear Patricia - what an amazing story about your fabulous mum. She certainly is terrific for her age. It could be the little 'nip' now and I'm off to have one to toast her special day!

Please wish her Happy Birthday from me - and here's to many more!

Hugs, Mary

quiltfool said...

A wonderful legacy. I hope she enjoys many more birthdays (and gets a few more great-grandchildren). Be well. Lane