Sunday, August 18, 2013

Yoga for the mind.....

A local winery today offered a wine and food tasting plus a Zentangle workshop.  I was curious having never heard of Zentangle before,  must live a sheltered life. LOL  The internet comes in very handy, and after looking at what it was, I thought I would like to do that, so signed up for the workshop and the wine!!!!

First, we were give an informative talk on what to look for, how to smell and how to finally drink wine.  Both red and white were on the table along with vegetarian pizza hor dourves, BBQ kielbasa pieces and grapes.  For those of us with a sweet tooth some chocolate covered raisins.  All very good.

The instructor advised Zentangle was a yoga session for your mind, I don't know if was the wine or the Zentangle which would provide the relaxation, either way I was ready to be relaxed.  Paper, pen, pencil and a shader tool in hand we were ready to start.

This first picture is a sample which shows some of the different designs used. 
The next two pictures show my attempts to use some of the designs. I must admit I did enjoy this workshop, and I did relax, and can see myself doing more of this......don't I have enough to do already?
I wish I had taken my camera as some of the samples displayed were absolutely gorgeous.   This technique would makes some lovely greeting cards. 
Have a great week everyone.


cottonreel said...

This sounds like clever doodling . I have seen it on the web but didn't know if you drew the design yourself or what !
It does look fun and we all need all the relaxation we can get .
Love your header picture

The Cozy Quilter said...

Wo taught your course? Was it the quilt rat? Aka Jill B?

Gill - That British Woman said...

never heard of this, but I do love your drawing.