Thursday, September 5, 2013

What are the odds....

According to statistics on the web, approximately 250,000 to 1, and 3 in ten million.  What am I writing about?  The odds of your house being struck by lightening, which is described on one site as being within 10 meters of your home, and the odds of being killed by a lightening strike. Not a happy subject to be writing about but........

Mum lived in England during WWII, and the sound of exploding bombs was all around the area where she lived.  As a result, she has always been scared of thunder and lightening storms, I suspect they make her relive wartime memories. 

During the years since 1954 my Mother has lived in three houses all located in the country.  I bet you are wondering what this has got to do with lightening.  Well, Mum and Dad's first house was struck in the late '50's, no one was hurt and damage was minimal.  One.

In the '60's my parents moved to a larger farm house, which was struck by lightening, blowing flames out of the electrical outlets and doing additional damage to appliances etc.  Once again no one was hurt.  Two.

Sometime in the '80's,  time goes so fast I can't recall exact years, I was talking to Mum on the phone, and all of a sudden she screamed and the phone went dead.  You guess it, lightening again, only this time, she was thrown on the floor and suffered tingling all over her body for a couple of weeks.  Three.

In the late '90's an empty barn on the same farm was struck by lightening and burned to the ground.     We won't count this one.

Fourteen years ago she moved into the house she is currently living in.   This past Monday, Sept 2nd, yes,  this house was struck.   Destroyed the transformer on the pole outside, the electrical meter on the house.  Electrical outlets were blown apart, TV, satellite receiver, and telephone all need to be replaced.  A lot of repair work has been completed, a new TV purchased, now waiting for phone and new satellite dish to be installed.   Once again she was not hurt.  Four.

My Mother celebrated her 96th birthday last month and she has been asked by many people, what is her secret to living to such a ripe old age and also being so  healthy.  

Well, just a bit of fun here, and she would laugh at it too, so I am not being disrespectful.  I believe I know her secret.  She is a Cat.  They are known to have nine lives, so far she has used four, so she has five left.  So, no telling how old this lady is going to be.  Ha Ha.

Have a great day.

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quiltfool said...

Wow! I can't imagine being that close so many times. Our neighbor would have counted as a strike as the transformer that was hit was in their back yard. Luckily, three houses away from us. Be well and wish your Mum great luck. Lane