Thursday, September 5, 2013

Second post today what's up with that........... An information package arrived................ my mail box an hour ago.  

What is in it?    Everything I need to know about my next trip which begins soon. The hotels,  the internet is so much fun as I can look at the hotels I will be staying at, and I must say, some of them look quite regal.  I know photos could have been taken years ago or retouched but they look nice just the same.  Time will tell when I take my own photo's.   One is a converted woolen mill and all are located in areas with some lovely scenery around them.  I have already looked at some of the places I will be visiting, can't wait now.

Where am I going?

Everything will so green, will take a walk in Giant's foot steps, or maybe even see some little men if I look really careful.   Wonder if I will have stew for dinner and wash it all down with whisky or a Guinness and come home full of blarney.  That gave it away I am sure.   

Time to start getting really excited, looking forward to it as it  will be so different from last years trip.




silversewer said...

I guess you are off to Ireland!!! Have a wonderful time.

Barb H said...

Ah, Ireland. You will absolutely love this country. The people were so wonderful, friendly and welcoming when I was there in 2009. Do you have room for me to go with?

Piece by Piece said...

Yes, off to the Emerald Isle, so looking forward to.
Sorry Barb, tour all full.

Anonymous said...

I was in Ireland at the beginning of July. It is beautiful, the people friendly, the food delicious. You will have a wonderful time!
Debbie R.

cottonreel said...

Just got to be Ireland, be sure to kiss the blarney stone ,imbibe the black stuff and have fun