Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My sewing room.........

looks as if a bomb has been hit it, messy and very untidy.  Yesterday I decided it was time to fight my way through and do a bit ........ no,  a LOT of cleaning and tidying.  A lot was accomplished, however, sorting through magazines slowed down the process, you all know what I mean, looking at all of those lovely quilts that you are going to day.

Found UFO's that had been forgotten all about, cut scraps into manageable squares which filled my containers, and are now ready to make a scrap quilt.....yes.. one of those quilts found in those magazines that I will make...... one day. 

Two resolutions made, to work one day on a current quilt being made for DD2 and the next day to work on a UFO, hopefully this will give me the mojo back to complete these projects.  Also, not to purchase random pieces of fabric, yes....once again you all know what I speak of. 

Random purchase syndrome or RPS s an affliction that  seems to attack a lot of people when entering a fabric shop.  It causes ooh's and aaah's  to come out of your mouth,  fingers have that itchy feeling to touch everything and the dollars just fly out of your wallet.  I have suffered from this many times as my fabric stash will tell you.  The temporary and only cure, as I see it, is to leave cash, credit and debit cards at home, go to the store by yourself, so you cannot borrow from a friend and bring along lots of tissues for the moisture from the drooling and tears. 

These past few days have been so cold...... how cold?   record breaking -26*C with a wind chill of -40*C.    Have to get back to that sewing room to make more quilts, looks as if we are going to need them.



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Gill - That British Woman said...

Doesn't it always feel like Christmas when you sort through your sewing room and discover things you had forgotten about? I am on a strict fabric diet at the moment!!