Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sewing day cancelled....

Today our guild was suppose to have a sewing day, thanks to high winds and tons of snow overnight  it was cancelled.  The roads are plugged with drifts and  some are closed, it is no day to be out driving.   So a sewing day at home for me.

My two wonderful neighbours have just cleared the snow from my driveway and I dug through a two foot drift to clear my dryer vent so I could do some laundry.

Just writing this and looked out the window, you guessed it,  it is snowing so hard I cannot see the house across the street.  

Winter in Canada, you gotta love it........NOT.  

Guess you know what everyone will be doing later today.......clearing snow AGAIN,  me....I will be sitting in front of my sewing machine snug as a bug in a rug.

Just edited in......55 days until Spring, cannot come too soon for me this year.



Gill - That British Woman said...

I am so NOT in love with this Winter!!!! Are they rescheduling your Guild sewing day?

Piece by Piece said...

We have had snow on the ground since late November and it is so cold. Winter is not my favourite time of the year.
Our guild is now getting together for a sewing day in February.
Stay warm, cold temps lasting through the week.

Pokey said...

Hi, Patricia, sounds like you have the right idea, create happy in front of the sewing machine! Keep warm ~

cottonreel said...

Oh ! Patricia , are you the optimist ,The daffodils on my blog were from Marks & Sp,. . Their noses are just showing in the garden A show of sunshine here in England today .