Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rain, Rain......

...go away. After record high temps last week, we are under heavy clouds, thunder storms and rain for the past couple of days, and more to come tomorrow. However, as they say April showers bring May flowers, so we have to put up with this wet stuff. It looks as if my lawn has grown inches overnight, my forsythia is in bloom and looks so nice. I have had frogs /toads in the pond calling for their mates, and this morning saw five couples laying their spawn. We are going to have tadpoles by the thousand. Some will be dinner for my fish, but quite a few will mature to frogs/toads.

I have been a bit under the weather these past couple of days, got a touch of some bug I guess, or maybe it's just all that I have been doing these past couple of weeks is catching up to me. Anyway, i am feeling a bit more like myself today, maybe its because I had my hair cut. I always feel much better about myself when I like the way my hair looks. OH goes to the Dr again tomorrow, still have not been given any definite answer to his problems. Time will tell I guess.

Did some sewing last night, all that is left for me to do on this wall hanging is to sew on the binding, hope to get that done tonight.

Hope everyone is having a great day.


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Shirleymac said...

I noticed your weather has cooled down. No wonder people get colds, etc. Hope you feel better soon. Mine went on and on and even though it was mild I was getting really depressed. It only lasted a couple of weeks but felt like a couple of months. I had no energy at all. At least it sounds warmer there than here. We had a hail storm in the night.