Friday, April 2, 2010


Yesterday was such a beautiful day I worked all afternoon in our back garden. I have a small pond, the kind with the rubber liner, which is about three feet deep, twelve feet long and eight feet wide. I haven't cleaned it for a couple of years, so decided to do it this spring. Water was drained, plants, fish and a toad were taken out. There was a lot of decaying matter in the bottom so I got rid of that. Refilled pond with clean water, connected the pump for the water fall, trimmed all the dead leaves from the plants, and put them back in. Conditioned the water to rid it of the chlorine and then put the fish and toad back in. They all seemed to be happy with the spring cleaning all done. Last night I couldn't understand why my arms and neck felt a bit warm, I was sun burnt. I didn't even think about putting on sunscreen, will have to remember next time I am out for a period of time.
Today, well I am feeling the results of all the work I did yesterday, however, once I got myself moving it wasn't quite so bad.
We are to have record high temperatures for the next couple of days, up into the low to mid 20's C. It appears we have missed spring and gone right into Summer. I shouldn't say that as we can still have some cold temps in April.
I did do an hours sewing last night, I have a tendency to start making mistakes when I am tired, so I put it away for the night.
Have a happy Easter everyone.


Elizabeth said...

Spring weather came pretty early around here this year. I spent about there hours in the garden on the 3rd of March and got a sunburn. Since then, I've been careful about getting out the sunblock before I go out to the garden to work. Who would have guessed? Your pond sounds lovely, by the way!

Cynthia L. said...

Seems like we went from snow to Hot!! We have spent the past few days int he yard just trying to get things cleaned up. We have over an acre of land and it is mostly hill. We have lots of trees and even though we raked in the fall, there are still a lot of leaves. I guess all of us are a little over excited about spring and we are overdoing it. I guess we need to all slow down and get a good pace going. Hope you have a Happy Easter!!

Gill - That British Woman said...

catching up with your blog. This weather has been gorgeous, but very strange, not at all normal.

Your great grandson, is just lovely.

Hope your dh continues to improve and a Happy Easter to you and your family.


quiltfool said...

I'd love to have a pond. That's one gardening thing I haven't tried. Enjoy the burn. I got one a couple weeks ago. Reminds us that summer is on the way. Lane