Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Here are a couple of photo's I took of my eldest granddaughter, Natalie and her hubby, Matthew on their wedding day October 9th. She was a beautiful bride and the weather was perfect which made for a wonderful day.
On her wrist she wore a bracelet of blue enamel and silver that my Mother wore at her wedding in 1938, me in 1960, my sister in 1963, and on and on, until Natalie was the 12th bride in the family to wear it.
Now I have to get busy and make their wedding quilt, I'm a bit late don't you think.!!!!
Will show the fabric and pattern on another post.



Hazel said...

What a beautiful bride and the bracelet tradition is so touching ,congrats to the happy couple .

Pokey said...

Don't you love having a family heirloom in your tradition? It doesn't matter if it has any value monetarily, with all the love of your ladies wearing it! How very cool, you should show us a picture of it, Patricia!
And it goes without saying, your granddaughter made a beautiful bride. Thanks for sharing ~ pokey

Shirleymac said...

Very pretty bride. Wish our family had a tradition like that but when my daughter married she wore a necklace that was her new husband's grandmothers so I guess she got to have tradition even if it wasn't from our side. What a beautiful background for the wedding photos too.

Gill - That British Woman said...

what a beautiful bride and groom. Love the wedding colours......