Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Windy...Leaves... Performance...

Oh my gosh, it is windy today. Laundry was on the line early this a.m. had to use extra pegs to make sure that everything did not end up in my neighbours garden. Nothing worse than chasing your knickers, all over town. :)

The wind also brought down a lot of leaves and guess where they are all ending up, in my back garden. They were whipped around in between my next door neighbour's house and mine and then under my gate, ending up in a huge pile at my back door. The forecast is for rain and winds again tomorrow so that's where they are going to stay for awhile.

Last night my friends and I had a lovely dinner, mine with a nice glass of red wine, and great conversations catching up on what everyone had done over the Summer. The performance was a big disappointment to say the least. None of us recognised any of the songs the two women and two men were singing and they did not make any sense. Maybe, they should have had fewer songs and provide a little segment of the original Broadway show so you could understand everything a bit better. The two piano's were so loud. During the intermission a lot of the audience left, so we were not the only ones that were not impressed with the show. We did something that we have never done before, ............five seats in the third row were empty for the second act. It will be interesting to see the reviews in the Saturday's newspaper. My rating * out of *****.


Hazel said...

Oh what a disappointment with the show but at least you had a good time with your friend .
The weather is the same here ,it seems every Thursday when I go to my quilt group it rains ,oh well love the ladies so it is well worth it .

Shirleymac said...

That's really disappointing about the show. Glad to see you getting out with friends though. Hopefully that wind will pick up and blow the leaves back.

Rhoda said...

Ron always wishes for a west wind that will blow our leaves across the road to the neighbors. Once in a while it actually happens! What a bummer about the show. I'm glad you went out and had a good time, though.