Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Design Wall

"New" is not really the correct description, maybe the word should be "re-purposed".

But, first let me explain.

After all of my reno work was completed I purchased a new TV credenza.  It was an "assembly required" unit from a well known local furniture dealer.  The salesman advised "if I could make toast, I could put this thing together, no tools are required, just slide this into that". YEAH!.  Now, I am quite able to make toast and do a lot of other culinary things in the kitchen, however,  I don't  know what kind of toaster he meant for me to use, because this thing was not going to stand on its four legs, let alone hold a TV. 

To make a long story short, I tried and tried, contemplated packing the $%&*@# thing up and shipping it back because I was so frustrated, then SIL came to the rescue, he knows how to make toast too, but it took the two of us to make a TV credenza.

Why does this have anything to do with a design wall?  My Mum always says, "waste not, want not".  So.  The TV unit came packed in a box surrounded by sturdy foam sheets and cardboard. With Mum's advise echoing in my head, I used some construction strength adhesive, duck tape (what would we do without this stuff) and an old sheet, the result a 4ft X 5ft design wall.  It's not the prettiest thing in my sewing room, but it can display some good looking quilting projects.



quiltfool said...

Once you hang a quilt on it, it will be the prettiest thing in the sewing room. My Dad also believed that duct tape would fix anything and that WD-40 was good for everything from toothache to arthritis...he is such a card. Lane

Pokey said...

Good for you, dear Pat! I also got quite a kick out of your descriptive assembling of one easy to put together project...been, there, too LOL ~

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you now have a design wall. Exciting! (and my dream)
Debbie R.