Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My last post.......

That got your attention didn't it.  No, it's not my last post, just looking at the date of my last post, which was back on February 28th.  I have been very lazy,   LAZY, I don't think so, so what have I been doing to keep me from posting?

Made five new cushion covers, re-upholstered a stool and a built in seat, hung pictures, made curtains for two small windows, painted the inside of my back door.  Spring cleaned my living room and re-arranged the photo's on the wall which make up our family tree.  Made two trips to Goodwill charity shop with "Stuff" that I no longer need, but in perfectly good condition for someone else.

Currently, sewing the binding on a UFO which recently come back from the quilter, this one is for my bed.  Pictures coming when completed.  Also, picked up a "comfort quilt" from the quilter and binding will be sewn on that one soon.

Finally, finished arranging all of the pieces for the portion of the Orange Peel Quilt I am completing.  Several members of our quilting group have completed theirs, and I must add they all look fantastic, I am only doing the centre portion, as I am not having fun with it anymore, and believe I bit off more than I could chew with this project.  It looks OK, but to get to this point I abandoned the "warm and cool" concept when placing arcs on a couple of the squares.  It's for myself, I like the way it looks, so it's a done deal, now have to sew everything together.

So, with all the other things in life that have to be done, I have not been lazy, and I have the sore muscles to prove it.

Spring is in the air, while visiting my Mum on Sunday, (it was a glorious day) we saw flocks of geese and Tundra swans flying over head, a good sign the Winter weather is loosening its grip.  There were flies and a bee also flying around, and on my return trip home "road kill",  raccoons coming our of hibernation, looking for food and not paying attention to the traffic.

That brings me up todate, back soon.



Cheryl Willis said...

you have been busy! once the weather warms up I tend to get less computer time in for fun stuff. enjoy your summer!

Livin' Blue Quilter said...

you have been busy. Welcome back.

quiltfool said...

Can't wait to see your IOP quilt. I have the center of mine done, and pooped out on the borders. Need to get back to that. Three raccoons crossed our path this morning while walking the dog. One ran to the center of the road and waited. When the second caught up, the first one ran and the second waited for the third. Funny to watch and I'm glad they're not in my yard this year. Lane