Thursday, March 21, 2013


I changed the photo in my heading hoping it will trick me into feeling it is Spring, even though it still looks and feels like Winter outside.  The date on the calendar may be indicating Spring is here, however, as I sit here looking out my window snow is falling, again !!!.  Our first snow fell on Boxing Day and here we are March 21st. and I am @$% fed up with it!  Grant you it has not accumulated over that period of time, but it's snow just the same.

Ok, I have had my rant about the weather, and feeling much better for it. 

A couple of days ago an error was displayed on the screen on my Janome sewing machine so she is off to the doctor tomorrow.  It was actually in need of a good clean so that will be done also.  Some time ago I had my old Singer Portable Genie returned to me from my sister.  At that time I gave her a good clean and adjusted the tension and it was all ready to act as a back up.  Yesterday and today she has been sewing like a charm, as I am working on a quilt for my dd2. 

I follow a blog of a very frugal woman, and last year joined her sealed pot challenge, and have also done it  again this year.  Every bit of odd change we put in a sealed pot, each person has a goal for that money, and their pot is usually decorated to show where or what they will be doing with it.  Almost everyone in the challenge will be opening their pot in Dec.  My $'s squirrelled away last year were returned to the pot for 2013, and were going to be spending money on a bus trip to Shipshawana, U.S.  Since making that decision I have changed my mind and will hopefully use mine as spending money on a trip in September.

My pot is decorated to show where I hope to be going.........can you guess?

P.S. I must have been excited about the destination of my next trip......because I made a spelling error.  I have since corrected the error, however, have yet to take another photo.....It should read.....DRACULA'S
Coffee Fund.


Pokey said...

Pretty flowers-- are they tricking you yet, lol?
Hope you are able to save plenty of money for your next trip ~

saving for travel said...

I popped over to your blog this morning but couldn't leave a comment. I hope to feature your pot in our next Sealed Pot Sunday but I didn't guess where you are going so I'm going to make it a competition for others, if that's ok.

Sft x

Gill - That British Woman said...

Transylvania I am guessing, please tell me why though, as iit's not a place I am familiar with?