Thursday, March 28, 2013

Birds, animals, dry skin, meeting.....

None of the things in my heading have anything to do with each other just the subjects of my post today.

The animal and bird world knows it is Spring.  The chipmunk is out of hibernation and both he/she, and a rabbit are gathering the fallen seeds from the bird feeders.  The robins are back,and yesterday a sparrow was gathering grasses for a nest.  All we need now is for the weather to co-operate.

Winter weather and the heated house are always hard on my skin, particularly on my hands they are dry and even cracked in one area.  Numerous applications of lotion give immediate relief, however, long term it seems to be useless.  Drinking lots water to keep hydrated does not seem to help either.  Do you have a lotion/cream that works for you?

How the time seem to fly by, our monthly quilting meeting is tonight, it seems just a couple of weeks ago we had our February meeting.  I am going to have a bag full for show and tell, and always enjoy seeing what other members have completed or currently working on.  The sweet treats are always good too. 

Family is getting together for Easter on Saturday this year, so I must get going and visit the grocery store for my contribution to the dinner my dd2 will be preparing for all of us.   


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Shirley said...

Did you read that Punxsutawney Phil is being indicted for his prediction this year? People say the trial won't see the light of day *LOL* So glad to see signs of spring. My hands are dry too, not because of the winter cold but because of the dampness the furnace is constantly running. I haven't come up with anything yet for it.