Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Woke this morning to snow again....grant you it wasn't much but it was snow just the same. We have beautiful blue skies and the sun is shining and even with the temp hovering around the 0*C mark it has  warmth in its rays, so goodbye to the snow.

Yesterday, we had a cold wind and light snow fell on an off all day, so I stayed in where it was warm and cozy..  Did some sewing on the blue and white blocks for a quilt which will be a gift for my dd2 and sil at Christmas, and also worked on the blocks for the Orange Peel Quilt.

I am just itching to get out in the garden and clean it up.  Some of the purple and yellow crocus are in bloom, well not today they are under the snow, but they certainly make a nice bright spot in the garden around my pond.  The robins are taking advantage of the seed in my feeders, as worms have yet to appear for their meals. Sparrows are collecting grasses and now using the bird houses, all the signs are here for Spring, even the pot holes in the road, so all we need is for the weather to co-operate.  Can you tell I am getting impatient for the nice weather?


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Gill - That British Woman said...

me and you both, I am so over WInter, it feels as though it's been winter forever.