Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April Showers.....bring May Flowers

Yesterday afternoon and this morning I worked in my garden clearing out dead and decaying matter, so the  plants can get some rain and sunshine.  There are signs of life every where, green shoots poking out of the soil,  crocus in bloom, the robins looking for worms and bugs and I disturbed a toad under some leaves.  It felt good to get out in the fresh air and use the new gardening gloves I received at Christmas, however, tonight those raking and lifting muscles are telling me otherwise.   A brief thunderstorm just rolled through the area, and in the weather forecast last night the "s" was spoken for later in the week. UGH....

"Seville" is sandwiched together with batting and backing and the quilting has been started. First, quilting in the ditch to stabilize it, and then must decide what to do in the larger areas in the centre of the arcs.  My Janome is still at the repair shop,so hope this delay does not mean additional problems, they advised me last week that they were really busy, hoping that is the reason.  Barbara is working just fine, and I completed the navy blue and orange block for our April quilting meeting later this month.  Also, working on my dd2 and sil's blocks, I need 404 - 4" blocks, a quarter of the way there at the present time.  Hope to  have this one and two more for each of my other children finished by Christmas.



cottonreel said...

Well , nice to know one of us is stitching . I came back from holiday last Saturday and I have no inclination at all to sew .
Lots to do though . Hope your S/M is soon back in action .I hope you have a go at machine embroidery . There are usually books in the library to help

cottonreel said...

My gardening pulled into shape again for now but the sewing still on hold

saving for travel said...

You must have worked hard in the garden to have such aching muscles!

Your quilting sounds lovely.

Sft x

cottonreel said...

Re the lily beetles . They are about 1 cm big orange coloured and demolish the leaves overnight . Surely they are not just native to this country.
Happy birthday to your mum