Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I blew a fuse and marmalade....

At the present time by Janome sewing machine is ill, repair man called and said I had blown a fuse, and with these new machines you can't just pop out the old fuse and put in the new one. He has to take the unit apart heat the solder to take out the blown fuse and solder the new one onto the prefabricated memory board.  A time consuming task, so that will likely cost more than the fuse.  So at the present time I am using,  a Singer Portable Genie that I recently was gifted back from my sister.   I have called this machine, Barbara, for two reasons,  one: that is my sister's name. second:  it is a Genie--- remember the TV show, "I Dream of Genie"... Barbara Eden.   She needed some tender loving care when I got her back, but now is running like a charm. 
What am I sewing?   The center portion and the only part of the Orange Peel Quilt, I plan on doing.  I have now named  this quilt, "Seville".  This type of orange tastes sour, and in my opinion is not fit for human consumption, until it is made into marmalade.  That's how I felt about this quilt.  I was tempted by it's  looks and enrolled in the classes.   However, became frustrated with the "peels" and got that sour taste, so for over a year it sat in the closet.  A month ago I decided to make marmalade and it hung on my design wall, and I changed this arc and that arc, until this week, it is being stitched together.  It will not be the best marmalade ever made, but at least I can call it completed  UFO.


Gill - That British Woman said...

I keep meaning to ask you, are you going to the Creativ Festival at the International Centre in Mississauga at the end of April? Dd and I are going on the Saturday.


saving for travel said...

Well done Patricia.

Sft x