Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Do you ever have those days when you feel down, and you don't know why?   Yesterday and again today I am in one of those moods.  Not much energy to get myself moving to do anything, heaven knows there is always lots to do. 

There are lovely flowers blooming in my garden that I can see through my patio door, lots of projects in my sewing room to be worked on,  a cupboard and fridge full of food, money in the bank and no health concerns.   So..........

Could it be the weather,  maybe, last week it was sunny and hot for this time of the year, now!  dull, cloudy, windy, and cold.  We had a frost warning last night so I covered up several of my outside plants, and the forecast is looking much the same for tonight. 

So here I am every shade of blue you can think of, hopefully, the colour will change tomorrow.



cottonreel said...

I know exactly how you feel . I wanted to stay in bed and sleep today but I had a man coming to repair my cooker so I knew I had to shake my feathers and move .
It is still so cold here in England

Mary said...

Patricia, I know what you mean - sometimes a day just doesn't seem quite together and we wander aimlessly wondering is it the weather, the moon phase, allergies, coming down with a cold, (hope not), or maybe just something to make us appreciate all those other days which are so fabulous!

Hope tomorrow will be bright and beautiful for you and everyone.

Chin up - sending smiles and hugs.

quiltfool said...

I'm sending you green thoughts. Hope your weather has cleared to a glorious blue sky. Lane

Gill - That British Woman said...

having one of those mornings myself, not helped by having a doozy of a headache.


cottonreel said...

Re , machine embroidery from a previous post.
Put Embroidered landscapes in yor google bar . You will spend a couple of happy hours learning