Saturday, January 7, 2012

Almost Spring????

Another glorious day, clear skies, lovely sunshine that has considerable heat to it and most of the snow we had earlier this week has melted.  I have violets and some creeping phlox in bloom in my garden,  my pot of parsley is still alive, and my fish are swimming around in my pond.  What more can one ask for, during the first week of January in Ontario, Canada.

Yesterday I finished the main border on my quilt, so photo's coming soon.
You may have noticed that I  have added a challenge bar to my blog.  It is going to show the savings that I need to complete a trip that is on my "Bucket List" later this year.  To meet my goal I am trying to be more conscientious of the $'s I spend on a daily basis.  I have also started to clip coupons, the money that I save is going into a sealed pot, and I cannot believe how much is in that pot since I started doing this back on Dec. 1st.  No, I am not going to be a coupon clipper like those on the TV show.

Not much happening today, so only a short post.

Have a great day,


saving for travel said...

Oh, you are such an inspiration! Look at your progress bar.

Great to hear how well you're doing with your sealed pot too.

Looking forward to seeing the quilt.

Sft x

Mary said...

So glad you too are enjoying a mild spell - we really have been lucky this Winter, so far!

I mentioned, and showed, my fabulous parsley too - it seems to be loving this Winter weather!

Good luck with saving for your trip - are you going to share your dream destination soon? Would love to know where you're heading later this year.....yeah, call me nosey!!!!!!

Mary X

Gill - That British Woman said...

well done I will encourage you in your "Bucket List" Trip challenge.


quiltfool said...

We had similar beautiful short sleeve weather over the weekend, but today, it's rainy and gray. Oh, we need the rain. It's wonderful and the yard and gardens are soaking it up. But the warm weekend made it harder to go out in the rain this morning. Lane