Monday, January 23, 2012


During the Spring and Summer you will find me in my garden, in Autumn and Winter sewing and quilting is my hobby, but I still have to have plants and flowers around me.  It has been proven that plants clean the air, (wish they could also get rid of the dust bunnies),  so I have numerous plants in my house.  

In the livingroom there is a beautiful Anthurium with five huge red flowers and more buds are starting to form , a money tree, (I must be doing something wrong with this plant, can't see any money yet) in the dining area, scattered in other rooms there is a pot of geraniums that I am hoping to get cuttings from in the Spring, the ever popular African Violet,  an orchid and several other plants whose names I don't know.  There is also the bamboo, you know the kind that you buy in the grocery store, so many stems for good luck, some for good health etc. I planted mine in soil, soon  the shears will have to come out to trim them, as they are almost touching the ceiling.

 Why am I telling you this.  Every Saturday I water my plants, however, because I had the day out sewing with quilting friends it didn't get done,  yesterday I visited my Mum for the day,  so no watering done on Sunday. Last night I had a dream, or in my case it would be classed as a nightmare, which was so real I had to jump out of bed this morning to make sure my plants were still alive.  I had dreamt all of my plants had died because I hadn't watered them over the weekend, they all hung limp and brown. 

After my breakfast this morning they all received a well deserved drink, tonight I should sleep dream free.

Do you dream, are they so real you have to check in the morning?

Do you have plants in your house?

Have a good Monday,


quiltfool said...

Hi, Patricia. I do have plants in the house. I've never dreamed I killed them, but I have dreamed they were trying to catch and smother me. Ha! Haven't thought about that in a long time. Lane

Gill - That British Woman said...

I am down to two plants in the house, as I keep on killing house plants for some reason.

I had a restless night too on Sunday night/Monday morning.


cottonreel said...

Do I have plants ? I love plants and flowers .
Marks and spencer have orchids at £6 each . I bought 2 , 2 weeks ago and another 1 this week . All white . I am into white flowers at present .
I also have a pot of paperwhite narcissous (not sure of the spelling )I have found them fascinating . The flowers seem to turn , sometimes bend over and then straighten up again .
I dream ,I am always lost . I hate this dream .
Apart from all this I love flowers and plants
Hyacinthsand chrysathemums , pinks for scent
Violets , just because .and all flowers

Barb H said...

I have plants in my house too, but I've never dreamed about them. LOL. I have the kind that can withstand large amounts of neglect and still survive--I'm not good about watering, repotting, fertilizing, etc, so my plants have to be super tough!