Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sewing -- nine to four.

The quilting group that I belong to had a sewing day today.

It was a bit slippery on the roads in the morning due to a light fall of snow over night, but everyone made it to a local church hall safe and sound.

Sewing and looking at all of the projects everyone was currently working on kept us all busy until lunch time.  A short walk took us to a restaurant for lunch and then back to the sewing machines again until 4:00.p.m.  It was a fun day.

I had been searching for one fabric so that I could start working on a wedding quilt, finally yesterday I found a blue fabric that worked well with the other fabrics that I had chosen.   This quilt is for my second grand daughter and her husband, they were married in June 2011, I know I am a few months  late, however, GML from our group, suggested that it could now be called a First Anniversary quilt.  This was the project I worked on today, and made some progress, the blocks are quite large with only a few pieces in each so it should work up fast.

A new baby will be joining the family in late April, and if the ultra sound photo's are correct I can see a pink quilt being started in my sewing room soon, and those knitting needles going a mile a minute.


Mary said...

Ah, pink quilts and booties, what a lovely occasion to be preparing for........hope all goes well.

Your wedding quilt becoming a 1st Anniv. gift sounds like the perfect idea!!!

Stay warm and be happy this coming week Patricia.
Hugs - Mary

saving for travel said...

Sounds like an amazing day with your sewing group. What a fantastic 1st anniversary present you have planned.

And congrats on the new much to look forward to.

Sft x

Barb H said...

Sewing days with your guild friends are the best. I call it SYBO--Sewing Your Brains Out. Be sure to post pix as you work on the Anniversary quilt.

Pokey said...

How exciting! Maybe you sould slip in a bit of the quilt fabric from the Anniversary quilt, that is if it is the same couple....
Keep creating, Patricia ~

Gill - That British Woman said...

congrats on the new grand child to be.

Sounds as though you had a fun day.


cottonreel said...

Bring on the pink