Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Snow & Leftover Turkey Casserole

We had a lot of snow overnight and it didn't stop until around 11:00 a.m. it's hard to tell how much fell due to the wind whipping into drifts, what ever the amount it's way too much for me.    The skies cleared and we had a lovely afternoon even though it was cold.    So glad I have such good neighbours my driveway is now cleared of snow. 
I cleaned out and straightened up my food pantry and freezer today, didn't realize how much food I had, so planning on eating out of both and not buying any groceries for the month of January except for milk and fresh fruit and veg.  Also made three casseroles from the left over turkey from New Years day dinner, hope they taste as good as they smelt while they were cooking. 
Going to work some more on my quilt this evening, on the borders  now so almost finished the top.


saving for travel said...

Oh Patricia You'll save loads from eating out of the freezer and stores.

Really looking forward to reading about this challenge.

You are one determined lady.


Sft x

Barb H said...

I can picture it--blustery , snowy and cold outside while inside the house is warm and filled with the fragrance of turkey casserole. Can I come for supper?

Mary said...

Brrrrr! Sounds cold and wintry your way Patricia. Was nice to hear from you, I love to get comments!

I need to do my freezer too - far too much hiding in the depths that I can no longer recognize! All my kitchen cabinets need sorting and cleaning too - when DH leaves next week on a business trip to chilly Chicago, I'm determined to tackle those waiting chores..........except I see sunny 50's in the forecast for here and it will be hard to stay indoors.

Nice neighbors make life so much better - good for them.
Hugs - stay warm - Mary X

quiltfool said...

Mmmm. Turkey casserole sounds delicious. I turned our leftover Christmas ham into a huge pot of soup and froze two portions. We had one last night and I have to share that it was indeed as good as it smelled. Hope yours was too. Stay warm! Lane

cottonreel said...

Tucked in, looking out at the snow , warm quilt on your knee , turkey casserole in the oven . Only one thing missing for me a magazine eg, Country Homes and Interiors and a cuppa .

Gill - That British Woman said...

I have a couple of turkey casseroles tucked away in my freezer ready for a day when I can't be bothered to cook....