Thursday, November 8, 2012

African Sunset

My new header picture is one I took of the most amazing sunset I have ever seen and was able to capture numerous photo's during an evening and nighttime game hunt.

Just as the sun was starting to set, all of the jeeps on the game hunt stopped.  We were all very quiet as we had been instructed to be and expected to see an animal in the area.  However, everyone was asked to get out of the jeeps and stand on the sandy dry riverbed on which we had parked.   As the sun was getting lower and lower everyone was snapping photo's as the sky changed colour.  Just prior to me taking this photo we were all handed a small bottle of Amarula to toast the beautiful sunset that you now see on my header.

The colours were changing every minutes while we stood there watching, unable to tear ourselves away from such a beautiful sight.  We watched until  it faded, boarded our vehicles again to look for nocturnal animals roaming in the area. 


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silversewer said...

Lovely picture Pat, I often take sunset pictures over the rooftops opposite our apartment, the colours are spectacular.

I love the dark outline of trees against the sky or the stark roof of the bungalow opposite,