Thursday, November 22, 2012

Indian Summer

Wikipedia describes "Indian Summer" as a period of sunny warm weather with above normal temperatures accompanied by dry hazy conditions, usually after a killing frost.  It typically occurs between September through to mid November.

Where I live in SW Ontario, all of the above conditions apply to the weather that we have had during the past few days, foggy mornings and evenings, sunny warm days with temps in the double digits and I am loving it..  HOWEVER, Saturday's forecast looks as if we are going to be shocked back to reality with our typical November weather, as the forecast is for snow and a high temp of 1*C.  

Guild meeting tonight, looking forward to seeing everyone again, as I missed the October meeting. It is my turn to assist the hostess with the lunch, yesterday I baked a carrot cake, it smelled so good.  When I finish this post the cream cheese frosting will be going on top.  I have a couple of "show and tell" to take, then I will take  photo's and post during the next couple of days.

To all of my U.S. followers, hope you are having a great Thanksgiving day.



Pokey said...

I love carrot cake, your friends will enjoy that tonight! Say hi to Gail for me, thanks for the holiday wishes. I'm cooking turkey and cornbread stuffing, and we have a cranberry coffee cake for dessert later ~

Mary said...

Yes, colder weather coming this way too - I think you're sending it south, ha! ha!

Makes us want to be back in Africa doesn't it? It was chilly there for us in the mornings and evenings though in June......but then warmed up and was lovely.

Carrot cake is my favorite, but only when homemade with good your version was delish and they loved every crumb!!

Happy weekend - Mary