Saturday, December 1, 2012

A finish and a beginner?

The finish------When I knew second eldest grand daughter was to be married in June 2011, on a beach in Cuba, I immediately found the pattern I had used for her sister's wedding quilt.  That was the easy part.   I wanted to use the colours of the ocean, sand and the sun in her quilt however, trying to find just  the "right" fabric took me forever. To make a long story short, the quilt is now finished and ready to give to the newly weds---- only a year and a half later.  Better late than never, so they say.  Here is a picture of the finished quilt, unfortunately it does not show the true colours due to the lighting.  The other two pictures are a close up of the blocks and in these the colours are better.  

The beginner-----My ten year old grand daughter was here with me for a a sleep over last weekend.  She has always been a girl to play with her dolls, and recently her focus has been on making clothes for them, getting patterns from the inter net and sewing them by hand. Looking in my stash she found lots of fabric for the outfits she was planning to sew . I asked her if she would like to use my sewing  machine, she was a bit reluctant at first, however,  after a few minutes of instruction she was ready to sew.  So we made doll clothes and then graduated to squares and then more squares eventually making blocks, I believe I have a sewer in the making,  now added to her Christmas list ---------------------a sewing machine.!!!!  

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quiltfool said...

I do hope she'll stick with it. What a wonderful thing to have in common with a grandchild. Lane