Saturday, December 29, 2012

Swing Into Spring.....but we have had only one week of Winter

Here in Canada we have a mail/on line order catalogue for a popular retail store, delivery of the catalogue is done for city residents, however, customers living in the country are provided with a card advising their copy is available at their local delivery office. This morning when I reached for my daily newspaper, the Spring and Summer 2013 edition of their catalogue "Swing into Spring" was also in my mail box.

We have just finished the first week of Winter, the snow is still falling, and I would love to swing into Spring right now, however, I know that is not going to happen any time soon.  So I will just have to take the plastic wrap off and look at the warm weather clothes and decide if any will suit me once I have completed the New Years resolution I plan on making at midnight on Dec 31st.  What resolution is ask...the one I make every year, "eat healthy and become more active during the Winter so that the pounds I usually put on for the hibernation season are not as many as last year".  This resolution usually lasts for the month of January, sometimes a bit longer, other times, well........ you know what happens.

Before Jan 1st. there are one, two, three more days to finish those meat balls, sausage rolls, home made brown beans, biscuits, veggie's and of course the shortbread cookies, Christmas cake, chocolates, chips and dip and the desserts, oh!! the desserts.   It's a good thing I have invited family members to come in tomorrrow for another Christmas celebration and help clean off all of those platters, if not, I will be operating a doggy bag service for them. 


Pokey said...

Hope they take home plenty! Happy New Year!

Gill - That British Woman said...

I used to buy everything from that store, but haven't shopped there in a while.