Thursday, December 6, 2012

Instructions must be wrong!!! It's not me, is it?

Our guild is having a dinner and secret Santa gift exchange in the New Year.  I try to give a gift that is usually handmade by me, plus a little something else.

Again this year there will be a handmade item, and that is what is causing me grief at the present time.  The pattern I am using is from a recent issue of a magazine, have you ever had problems with applique patterns in magazines?

This afternoon I did have a couple of hours in which I could sew. So I started to put this project together, everything was going well until I came to the applique pieces.  The instructions say----enlarge pattern by 200%, which I did, however, after cutting out the pieces and putting them on to the project as per the picture,  grrrrrrrrrrrr, they are not fitting.   Now, what do I do,  there are two options I guess, enlarge the back of the project so the pieces that I have cut fit, or make smaller applique pieces to fit on the current size of the project.  The second option is what I am going to do, less work in the long run.  Next time I will certainly check out the sizes etc. before cutting out all of the fabric.  Lesson learned.

Will not be able to work on this now until Saturday,  tomorrow I am taking my 95 year old Mother to her Dr. for her six month check up and to get a Rx renewal.  Then doing what I hope will be the last of my Christmas shopping.



Hazel said...

Yes I have had that happen to me ,I had to into the printer settings and change things .I think the easiest thing to do is make the back ground bigger .

Anonymous said...

They are often wrong. I just made a quilt where the diagram was completely wrong. Corrections are sometimes posted online. Doesn't help I know.

A big peeve of mine but even some published books have a number of errors even after testing and it probably is harder to get right than I expect.

Bluebell said...

Hi Patricia, nice to hear from you, do you think the pattern had a mistake in it and they should have put a smaller percentage, what a pain! good luck with your shopping and your Moms Dr's visit and if I dont speak to you before christmas I hope you and yours have a wonderful time.

Love Jillx

saving for travel said...

What a pain! Especially as material is so expensive!

Sft x