Thursday, December 27, 2012

Blue sky and sunshine and a thoughtful neighbour......

If you look up today we have beautiful blue skies and a bright sunny day, cast your gaze down to the ground and it is a different story.

At 3:00p.m. yesterday afternoon our first Winter storm started to blow into the area.  High winds and snow lasted well into the night.  How much snow did we get?  It is hard to tell as drifts are piled up in some areas and then only a few inches cover other spots in my garden. Whatever the depth is, it is way too much for me, I do not like snow.

The direction of the wind, a nor'easter dumped a lot of the snow in my driveway, and my neighbour has just finished clearing it all away with his snow blower.  I am so thankful to him, as I would not have been able to shovel it all off.  The snow is quite wet due to the sun's heat melting it somewhat, perfect snowman snow, however, the only man you will see in my garden today is the snow removal man.

The sun is pouring into my sewing room, giving me some much needed energy to get my mojo back to do some cutting and stitching.


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Auntie Em said...

I don't like the snow either. We were lucky that ours melted by the end of the day.
Hope you had a nice Christmas.