Saturday, December 22, 2012

White Christmas???

As the song goes............"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas"........
A white Christmas in Canada is defined as having 2cm of snow on the ground on Christmas day. I don't have that much in the garden, however, if the forecast is right there is a possibility.

Blustery winds brought a light covering of fine snow last night.  Today, it is still windy with a chill factor of minus 0* C. temperatures, and cloudy with the possibility of some additional snow flakes. Will it be a white Christmas at my  house? a 50-50 chance.

The snow looks nice on the ground, and is welcomed by children who received sleighs and toboggans from Santa, and it does put a bit of colour, albeit white, into the countryside.  For me, however, "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas",  would be just that, to have snow for Christmas and then it can leave, I am not a Winter person, however, having said that, I really don't mind the cold but give me the sun.  The dull grey skies and early dark evenings leave me feeling down with little ambition and OMG it's only the second full day of Winter...........

Now, where did I put that sun lamp......I've got lots to do before the 25th, family will all be home for the day and 18 will be sitting down for dinner.

Many countries define a white Christmas with different measurements of snow on the ground, where others say the snow has to fall on December 25th.  What country do you live in? will you have a white Christmas?

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saving for travel said...

No chance of snow here, just rain I think, Lots of the uk is flooded already.